Two Undergraduate Positions Available for Fall 2017

1. Study of an antibiotic-producing enzyme with Matt McDonald
2. Investigating protein stability of an amine dehydrogenase with Dr. Bettina Bommarius

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Congratulations to Marietou Paye for successfully defending her PhD Thesis.
Marietou is working at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta

Welcome back to Harrison Rose and Thomas Kwok from their internships at Amgen Inc. and Merck & Co. respectively.


Bommarius Research Group

  (Spring 2017), From bottom left, diagonally up:

  (First diagonal) Matt McDonald, Nick Kruyer, Conner Mount, Andy Bommarius,
                             Lukas Bromig, Adam Caparco, Crystal Bray

  (Second) Harrison Rose, Nick Agunzo, Bettina Bommarius, Mike Stellato,
                  Robert Franklin, Jonathan Benezry
  (Third) Aimee Moise, Shan Tie, Hannah Santillo, Thomas Kwok

  (Fourth) Madison Wilber, Mick Robbins, Aditi Sharma, Denice Shorter,

                 Marietou Paye