Congratulations to Colton Lagerman and Patrick Harris for joining the Bommarius Lab!
Congratulations to Natasha Chrisandina and Thomas Kwok for their ChERD publication: "Techno-Economic Analysis of Water Precipitation for Lignin Value Prior to Pulping".

Bommarius Research Group

  (Spring 2018), From bottom left, diagonally up:

  (First diagonal) Grant Marshall, Matt McDonald, Harrison Rose,
                              Joshua Whitley, Aditi Sharma

  (Second) Thomas Kwok, Jack Bright, Andreas Bommarius,
                  Robert Franklin, Mike Stellato

  (Third)   Shelby Anderson, Daniel Groves, Jonathan Benezry, Nick Kruyer

  (Fourth) Natasha Chrisandina, Aimee Moise, Mick Robbins,
                 Bettina Bommarius,
Adam Caparco