1. Biocatalysis to life science API’s

    (associated center: Center for Pharmaceutical Development “CPD”)

·       Enantiomerically pure amines

·       Amide condensations: beta-lactam antibiotics, oligopeptides

·       Structure-guided consensus protein engineering

2. Chemicals from Renewables

    (associated centers: The Lignin Group at GT & The Atlanta Flavin Group)

·       Valorization of cellulose and lignin; Chemical fractionation of biomass

·       Monomers to bioplastics

·       Flavins and novel co-factors

3. Continuous Manufacturing

·       Simultaneous Moving Bed Reactors

·       Continuous Crystallization

·       Aqueous two-phase extraction (ATPE)

4. Protein Science

    (associated centers: NANOMAD & The Atlanta Flavin Group)

·       Ion effects on protein stability of amyloids, therapeutic proteins, and enzymes

·       Accelerated tests of aggregation propensities of proteins

·       Determination of long-term biocatalyst process stability